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Dr. Kraizer is available to assist you with stories on multiple topic areas. Please contact Dr. Kraizer or browse the Safe Child website for resources and  information.


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China Project

Our prevention of child abuse and bullying programs will be translated and available free of

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Announcing increased availability of all Coalition for Children resources and programs!

School, parent and community needs around the world are changing rapidly. Research-based resources are often

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Highly effective and visual guide for responsible gadget ownership!

Rarely do we get a clear, concise and highly visual guide for working with our

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History’s response to child abuse – then and now

Rarely does an article so thoroughly reveal how our historical response to child abuse has failed

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Preparing for a stranger at the door…

Real life is often a reminder to have a conversation with our kids before it

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Author Dr. Sherryll Kraizer has a Ph.D. in education with a specialization in youth at risk.