Expert Witness

Dr. Kraizer, as an expert witness, is able to review and assist you in asking the right questions to make informed decisions about your cases.

She has extensive experience in cases involving child abuse in institutional settings (i.e. schools, churches, foster care, youth groups, day care, treatment centers, residential facilities and hospitals) failure to supervise, child injury cases, sexual abuse by teachers, clergy or staff members and child-to-child abuse.  Additionally, she can help you assess standards and practices, policies and procedures, and questions of negligence.

Dr. Kraizer is an internationally recognized expert and author in several areas of youth-at-risk and child well-being including: sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse, bullying and interpersonal violence, and child safety.

Two cases of interest:

Janes Doe v. John Knox Presbyterian Church, and K.S vs. Kindercare Learning Centers, Inc., et al.

Please contact Dr. Kraizer at:  303.809.9001.


Sherryll Kraizer, Ph.D. Resume

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Author Dr. Sherryll Kraizer has a Ph.D. in education with a specialization in youth at risk.