Parents – How to Use this Website

With all the things parents have to think about, protecting your young ones from sexual abuse, most likely with someone you know and trust, seems over the top.  And it would be if it were a hard thing to do.  But giving your children a few simple tools to protect themselves is not only effective, it allows you to address this important risk rather than ignore it.

This website will:

  • give you a basic understanding of child abuse, what the risks are and how it happens
  • provide you with specific personal safety skills your children will use every day
  • encourage you to portray the world as a place where children can make good decisions and be safe
  • lesson your anxiety about your children’s safety so you can allow them the freedom of movement they need as they grow up.


Keeping your children safe means looking at what you say and do from a new perspective. It means changing the way you think about their safety and creating some new rules for your children and for yourself.

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