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Challenge Life Skills Program

The CHALLENGE Program is a group-based curriculum designed to increase the ability of adolescents to be successful in their families, schools and community.

The CHALLENGE Program (Links found below) is conducted in classrooms or small group settings.  It is appropriate for use in schools, therapeutic settings and community groups. It can be used as a freestanding curriculum or integrated with existing curriculum materials and program activities.

The Program is flexible enough to be used over ten sessions or throughout a school year.

The CHALLENGE Program is designed to provide life skills training which enables:

  • increased self-esteem
  • management of emotions
  • effective communication
  • independent thinking
  • appropriate assertive behavior
  • problem-solving
  • assessment and decision-making
  • identification and pursuit of goals
  • taking responsibility for choices
  • prevention of emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • development of personal resources

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CHALLENGE Program – Full Curriculum

REACH Program is a prevention program for elementary school age children: REACH Program

RECOVERY is for previously abused children: RECOVERY Program RECOVERY Program

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