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Parents, schools and organizations can use all the technology at their disposal, but experience tells us that we are almost always surprised to discover perpetrators in our midst.

It is important that prevention education be accomplished without diminishing children’s’ sense of well-being and trust in their everyday lives.

This Safe Child Program video clip shows you how to use role-play to teach your children skills which are applicable in everyday life.  You don’t need to tell children what child abuse is or that it might happen with someone they love and trust. Rather,you want to give your children opportunities to practice acting effectively on their own behalf in situations which are known to precede abuse.

VIDEO  Safe Child Program uses role-play to teach skills.

As hard as parents work to protect children, there are times when children can and must be responsible for their own well-being — particularly if they are alone with a potential abuser. The best overall defense children have against abuse is:

  • Permission to speak up on their own behalf,
  • The ability to accurately assess and handle a variety of situations,
  • Knowing where and how to get help,
  • Knowing they will be believed.

The next video shows you how to introduce this topic without being explicit or fearful.

VIDEO  Your Body Belongs to You Prevention Strategy

The next video show you how to follow-up, how to inoculate your children from the most commonly used ploys of offenders.

 VIDEO  The I’m Going to Tell Strategy

Children have a right to be safe without being afraid and children who have been taught to think for themselves are the safest children of all.