Safe Child Program for Prevention of Child Abuse Program

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The Safe Child Program Prevention of Child Abuse Program is a comprehensive curriculum that teaches prevention of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse by people known to the child; Prevention of Child Abuse and abduction by strangers; and safety in self-care. It teaches a broad base of life skills for children ages 3-11. In nearly a decade of evaluation, the Safe child Program has clearly demonstrated that it reduces children’s risk of abuse and enhances their personal safety and competence. 

 The Coalition for Children, (International Child Abuse Programs) in response to increasing recognition of child abuse and interpersonal violence around the world, is making all programs available free of charge. Believing that it is never a good idea to reinvent the wheel, we provide these programs as a starting point. Each country should adopt the programs to reflect cultural norms and language.    Link to Contents here 

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 Please source as Sherryll Kraizer, Ph.D., Coalition for Children, USA.